A group of students participate in an Event in Cedarville's gym


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Event Services will be your "one-stop shop" for every detail of the conference planning process. You will work closely with one of our event professionals to coordinate all arrangements for your event. From facility reservations to dining and production support, we’ll do the work and make it easy for you! Our one-to-one approach lets you focus on your program, and we’ll worry about the details. You will have one contact, one contract, and one easy-to-understand invoice.

Dining Hall


The dining hall is located in the Stevens Student Center. It offers a wide selection of cafeteria-style food including home cooking, pizza, hot-off-the-grill, a salad bar, Mexican bar, and an ice cream and sandwich bar. The University dining hall is operated by Pioneer College Caterers. Pioneer’s Catering Service provides light snacks to elegant dinner cuisine at affordable costs. Whether your event calls for coffee breaks, picnics, or banquets, we will be able to accommodate you.

Technology in the classroom


Cedarville University’s audio and visual services provide data and video projection, multimedia, and visual support for use in classrooms and auditoriums. Wireless access is also available in most classroom areas, co-ed lounges, dorm rooms, classrooms, and in large gathering areas such as the Centennial Library, the Stevens Student Center, and the Dixon Ministry Center. Cedarville University is a national leader in campus computer networking and instructional technology, providing networked computers in each of the residence hall rooms, laboratories, and offices.