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Important Consumer Information

Find important information and statistics related to Cedarville's compliance with federal regulations and reporting.

General Information

Financial Aid
Cedarville University
251 N. Main St.
Cedarville, OH 45314
937-766-7866 or 1.877.233.2784 (toll-free)
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Office Hours

Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Other Helpful Contacts

University Admissions
1-800-CEDARVILLE (233-2784)
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Federal Student Aid Information Center

Financial Aid Staff

Photo of Kim Jenerette

Kim Jenerette

Executive Director of Financial Aid

  • Location SSC 190 G
  • Phone 937-766-7866
  • Email Email
Photo of Karen Heath

Karen Heath

Verification Specialist

  • Location SSC 132
  • Phone 937-766-7676
  • Email Email
Photo of Vicky Herby

Vicky Herby

Administrative Assistant

  • Location SSC 180E
  • Phone 937-766-7866
  • Email Email
Photo of Steve Winey

Steve Winey

Associate Director of Finanical Aid

  • Location SSC 180 J
  • Phone 937-766-7866
  • Email Email