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Cedarville University is equipping the next generation of Christian leaders who will make a difference for Jesus Christ around the world. A Cedarville education is well worth the investment (our outcome data supports that!), but we know that it must also be affordable for students who have a passion to advance the Gospel through their professional calling.

In awarding financial aid, we use FAFSA data and its federal formula as an equitable means for evaluating each student’s financial status and determining an Expected Family Contribution (EFC). However, we understand that this formula may not address individual situations.

This website has been created to provide the opportunity for our Fall 2015 admitted students to provide additional details and request a review of their financial aid package. Here is additional information related to Cedarville’s review process:

  • Funding is limited and has been allocated from the University’s operating budget and gifts from our generous donors. We are seeking to be wise stewards of these limited resources.
  • Financial need is a priority consideration in the review process, but we will not be able to meet all students' financial needs.
  • Students must complete the FAFSA.
  • Priority consideration will be given to students who have visited campus.
  • Cedarville does not “match” offers from other universities, but will focus on a student’s specific situation as it relates to attending Cedarville.
  • If your family’s financial situation has changed significantly in the past year and the FAFSA did not adequately account for those circumstances, please contact Financial Aid directly at 937-766-7866.
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