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Each semester two types of health screening are offered by the Wellness Program. Check the calendar to see when they will take place.

The School of Nursing, in coordination with Greene Memorial Hospital Health Focus, offers:

  • cholesterol (non-fasting, finger stick, HDL)
  • glucose
  • blood pressure
  • Dermascan (shows extent of sun damage to face and neck)
  • BMI screening

The above screenings are free with the exception of the cholesterol which is $15.You are welcome to come even if you haven't made an appointment. The screening is open to all CU employees and their family members.

University Medical Services and the Wellness Center sponsors:

  • cholesterol screening (lipid panel, $12)
  • glucose screening ($11)
  • both screenings, $18

These are fasting tests. The cholesterol test will provide total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglyceride levels. Juice, water, bagels, and cheese will be provided after your blood is drawn. Checks payable to Cedarville University or exact change are greatly appreciated, because UMS has limited cash on hand.

Screening is open to faculty, staff, and family members.

Screening Sign-up

  • Visit the Health Screening page and login as indicated
  • Click on a white box corresponding to the sign up time you want
  • Click on the Save button at the bottom of the screen that comes up
  • A note confirming that you've reserved a time should come up next
  • Exit out of the program
  • Watch for an e-mail confirmation of your reservation

If you want to sign up a family member who is not a CU employee, follow the procedure above and then add his or her name to the Additional Family Members box.