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Healthy Heart Research Project FAQ

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What kind of record keeping is involved?

Record keeping is as simple as we can make it. Each week you will report the previous week's activity sessions using your computer. After registration closes, you will be able to access the online exercise log

How many days do I need to exercise to get an award? What happens if I can't finish?

Your award is based on both the total number of exercise days that you record in the on-line exercise log (40 for the 4 day/week level, 50 for the 5 day/week level) and on the level that you register for.

If you sign up for the 5 day/week level, but do not record 50 or more days, you will not get an award. Also, if you sign up for the 4 day/week level, but record more than 50 days, you will still receive the award for the 4 day/week level. If you can't finish the Challenge, we hope you will continue exercising even though you do not receive an award!

Why should I participate?

  • Fun: It's fun and helps you to feel great!
  • Prizes: Prizes for finishers include gift certificates to the University Bookstore or area restaurants and businesses. Amount of the gift certificate is linked to the level at which you finish the FIT challenge: $15 for level one and $20 for level two.
  • Better Health:Many participants have reported weight loss, lower cholesterol levels, improved stamina, and better moods as a result of having a regular exercise time. Several reported that they just felt better all around.
  • Family Time: Because moderate walking is the standard for the challenge, the whole family can participate. Many families participate each year and enjoy the prizes they earn. This year, CU employee spouses and children in kindergarten through grade 12 may also register for the challenge.