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During the Fall Semester of 2005, my husband did the simple finger-prick cholesterol test at Cedarville. His total cholesterol at that time was approximately 320. About a month or two later, he completed the fasting cholesterol test at Cedarville and his total cholesterol registered at 280.

At the beginning of 2005, I had a total weight of approximately 160 lbs. - give or take a few depending on the day I stepped on a scale. During that spring and summer I lost 10 lbs, but then bottomed out and could not get jump started again.

In January 2006, I began the Weight Watcher's program. I began at 151.5 lbs, and my husband was approximately 175 lbs. We both began to eat according to the weight watchers program. In addition, we changed our margarine to Smart Balance Light, and added more fiber into our diet. Otherwise, we still enjoyed going out to eat now and then, and enjoyed a variety of foods as we always had (just in proper portions). I also added as much exercise as possible into my routine, including my husband when I could.

In April of 2006, my husband visited our family physician and has another fasting cholesterol screening. His numbers were now at the following status: Total - 226; HDL - 40; LDL - 163. His weight was also down to 160 lbs.

Then, as of October 2006, I have not only reached my Weight Watchers goal weight of 125, I have maintained lifetime status at 122 lbs. I have also been able to stop seeing a doctor and taking medication to treat the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

And as of November 2006, my husband had a follow-up with our family physician for his cholesterol. He is now at 154 lbs., and his cholesterol numbers are as follows: Total - 200; HDL - 50; LDL - 131. So he will not have to go on any type of medication.

All of this has been a result of my being involved in the Weight Watchers program. Had Cedarville not sponsored the program, and made it available at a reduced cost, I never would have joined the program. But, because I did, we have accomplished all of this health improvement within one year.

I just want to say that the efforts of the Wellness Center have not been in vain. For any individual who is willing to commit to making good changes through the exercise of the FIT Challenge or the eating habits of the Weight Watchers program or both, results are possible. It did still take a whole year - but I guarantee it would have been longer if I was trying to do in on my own.