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Cedarville University maintains a GitHub repository of programs which run under the Unidata/Universe database management system. (Unidata/Universe are database products from Rocket Software.)

Most of the programs in the repository are generic to Unidata/Universe. The programs include utilities like CEDARVILLE DOWNLOAD, HISTOGRAM, CROSS.TAB, and several routines for creating multi-value handling i-descriptors. The link to this GitHub repository is:

CEDARVILLE DOWNLOAD is a utility program which produces output files in ASCII, mail-merge, HTML, XML, or DIF formats. Output files can be used by service bureaus and government agencies or used directly by standard software packages. CEDARVILLE DOWNLOAD is easy to use, because it uses syntax like the LIST statement that is native to Unidata/Universe.

There is an email "list serv" specifically for people who use CEDARVILLE DOWNLOAD within their organization. To subscribe, visit:

Questions or comments about these utilities available on GitHub should be directed to Scott Howder, Assistant Chief Information Officer.