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Services and Prices

Current Price List

Service Provided Current Pricing
Wireless/Security Setup Free
Software Optimization Free
Software/Hardware Diagnostics Free
Data Backup $20
Full Security Cleanup $30
Full System Reload $40
Hardware/Software Installation, Upgrade, Repair and other services not listed. $20 per hour
(15-minute minimum)
Replacement Parts for Personal Computers At-cost (does not include installation or configuration)

Service Details

Free Services

  • Wireless/Security Setup - Your computer and/or device will be registered and set up on the cu-secure wireless network. Free anti-virus software provided.
  • Software Optimization - Technicians will speed up your computer by uninstalling unwanted software and disabling unnecessary features.
  • Software/Hardware Diagnostics - Technicians will diagnose your computer using the latest professional tools licensed to information technology. Includes some minor software repair. Hardware will be diagnosed but not repaired.

Fee-Based Services

  • Data Backup — Technicians will copy any amount of data to any medium. The cost of backup media is not included. This service is appropriate to back up a healthy system or failing hard drive.
  • Full Security Cleanup — Features complete virus/malware removal and includes wireless/security setup and software optimization. This process can take several hours, so this service will require the system to be left with TechStop Support.
  • Full System Reload — Features a complete backup, reinstallation of the Operating System, configuration of hardware drivers, and installation of provided software. This service is appropriate for slow systems, computers permanently damaged by viruses, or after a hard drive replacement. You must have your system restore media available or have a system restore partition on your hard drive. Includes all free services plus data backup.
  • Hardware/Software Installation or Upgrade — Technicians will install legally-licensed software as well as hardware components that are provided by the computer owner. This category includes any other repairs that are not specifically discussed above. All services in this category are billed in 15-minute increments at a rate of $20 per hour.

Warranty Support and Other Restrictions

-The TechStop Center is not responsible for the warranty status of your computer. Any violation of the warranty terms by our technicians while performing work requested by you is your responsibility.

-Please be aware of the terms of your warranty before you request support.

-You will be asked to show your University ID and sign a release form for any service that requires leaving the computer with I.T.

Replacement Parts

-Information technology cannot stock replacement parts for personally-owned computers, and can only order replacement parts from a specific set of trusted vendors.

-In rare cases where a new replacement part is unavailable, information technology will not purchase used parts or parts that are not officially compatible with your computer.

-However, if you purchase a part and would like it to be installed, technicians will perform this fee-based service according to the hourly rate listed above.

Payment Options

The following payment options are available:

  • Cash
  • Check (make payable to Cedarville University)
  • Credit Cards
  • Charge to Student Account (if sufficient funds are available)
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