Female tech stop worker assists a student with her computer

Connect to cu-unsecure

Note: This should be an option of last resort. Please try ourĀ normal options first. This option has the normal security risks of an unencrypted wifi connection. Encryption relies on website https access.

  1. Connect your personal device to the Internet the same way you would connect to any wireless hotspot (e.g., Starbucks).
    • Right-click the "Wireless Network Connection" icon.
    • Click "View Available Wireless Networks" > Connect to "cu-unsecure."
  2. Open any web browser, and enter your CedarNet username and password when prompted.
  3. You will need to log in again at the "Cedarville University Internet Access Login" screen.
  4. If you are using Internet Explorer, click "Continue to this Website." You should be all set!