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Civil Rights Bus Tour

Cedarville University offers you numerous ministry opportunities, student organizations, and support structures.

Civil Rights Bus Tour

Allows students the opportunity to walk where history was made and heroes were revealed.

We begin our journey in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthplace and the location of his church, Ebeneezer Baptist Church. From Atlanta we travel to Montgomery, Alabama, where Rosa Parks made her heroic stand by not giving up her seat on the city bus in 1955. We then travel to Selma, Alabama, and the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the site of "Bloody Sunday," where marches took place to secure African-Americans the right to vote. The journey continues on to Birmingham, Alabama, and the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. On opposite corners to the museum are the 16th Street Baptist Church, where four little girls were killed in a church bombing, and Kelly Ingraham Park, where protesters were taken to jail for standing up for their constitutional rights. We wrap up our journey by going to Memphis, Tennessee, where Dr. King was assassinated.

The Civil Rights Bus Tour is a life-impacting and life-changing trip.

Foreign Film Series 

Provides the Cedarville community an opportunity to view interesting and challenging films from around the world and to peer into often unfamiliar cultures through the eyes of the cultures themselves.

German Club 

Supports the use of the German language and increases the knowledge and appreciation of German culture to advance awareness of missions.

International Student Organization

Meets the distinctive needs of MK/International Students and plans ways for them to share their unique contributions.

International Programs

Allows students to experience and understand other cultures during their academic career as they actively participate in another culture by attending a foreign university. Beyond advancing their academics, students have a chance to experience the day-to-day adventures of living in a foreign country and learning how others from different cultures interact with their world. Most programs also require that participants serve in some type of ministry while living abroad.

P.E.A.C.E. Project (Promoting Ethnic And Cultural Education)

Serves the community and student body by fostering and promoting a God-centered attitude of multiculturalism.

Societe de Francais

Promotes the use of the French language and increases the knowledge and appreciation of French culture to advance awareness of missions.

Spanish Club

Affords opportunities to practice language skills and learn about Spanish-speaking cultures through extracurricular activities.