Finance and Payables

Diane Mitchell

Diane Mitchell, Administrative Assistant

Diane oversees the administrative team for the Physical Plant operations. In 2009 the team processed 10,329 work orders and 5,862 purchase requisitions. The administrative team works hard keeping the work orders processed and account numbers accurate. Diane prepares biweekly departmental charges. She is responsible for maintaining Service Center personnel files including each employee's job description, payroll authorization, training and certification records, and résumés. Diane prepares Redwood financial reports, submitting the reports biweekly, and producing monthly physical plant operations graphs. She also maintains the University vehicle and user databases and runs biweekly fuel charges.

Data Entry Clerks

Valerie Biddinger

Valerie Biddinger, Data Entry Clerk, Deborah Brown, Data Entry Clerk

Valerie and Deborah share the job of processing all Physical Plant operations work orders, purchase requisitions, invoices, and statements for payment or credit. They validate all Physical Plant operations expense/revenue transactions with Redwood reports. They also serve as receptionists answering the phones, greeting and serving workers and guests to the Service Center.


Tim Johnson, Purchaser and Inventory Supervisor

Tim manages the Cedarville University purchasing process for the Physical Plant, including materials, subcontracts, and equipment. Tim is responsible for purchasing all University general maintenance materials, receiving materials at the dock, processing inventory materials into and out of stock, and coordinating transport of all materials received on the dock to their customer.


Bob Bielek, CAD Technician

Bob assists University personnel, contractors, and vendors with drawings of campus buildings and grounds. Bob updates drawings as renovations and modifications are made. Bob also maintains the campus print files.

Automotive and Equipment Repair

Mark Pogirski, Manager of Automotive Department

(left to right)

Mark Pogirski, Manager of Automotive Department
Bob McWilliams, Equipment/Auto Technician
Lavern Musselman, Custodial Equipment Repair
Elmer Wilkins, Auto Mechanic

The University's automotive mechanics maintain, inspect, service, license, and clean a total of 203 campus vehicles, including:

  • 25 motor pool vehicles
  • 15 trailers
  • 34 maintenance and custodial vehicles
  • 65 regular grounds crew vehicles
  • 25 Athletic Center grounds crew vehicles
  • 12 golf carts
  • 27 vehicles for other departments

Lavern Musselman maintains and repairs vacuum cleaners and floor scrubbing equipment - over 300 pieces of equipment combined - for custodial services.

If you have any sort of campus vehicle repair that needs to be done, please submit a work order instead of contacting our staff. Thanks!



8 a.m. - 12 p.m., 1 - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday

Campus Location

Service Center
Cedarville University
Automotive Department
251 N. Main St.
Cedarville, OH 45314