Landscape Maintenance

Denny Lowstetter, Landscape Maintenance Supervisor

Denny Lowstetter

Denny came to Cedarville in August of 2004. On campus, he oversees the landscape maintenance and improvement of over 300 acres (not including Cedarville's 70-80 acres of athletic fields). Denny supervises four full-time staff, 12 summer student workers, and 20 school-year student workers. Together they serve the university by installing new scenery and maintaining the current landscape. Denny has been described as "inspirational, and a great leader."

Prior to coming to Cedarville, Denny taught high school health and physical education. He also coached baseball for 15 years and football for 30 years. At Cedarville University, he delights in "planting seeds and plants and watching God make them grow."


Grounds Staff

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Denny Lowstetter
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