1. Administration
  2. Automotive and Equipment Repair
  3. Facilities Services
  4. Project Development
  5. General Maintenance
  6. Custodial Services
  7. Landscaping Maintenance
  8. Mechanicals
  9. Recycling Coordination

Mark Haldeman, Manager of Mechanicals Systems

Mark Haldeman

Mark has served at Cedarville since June 2002. He manages eight full-time employees in the areas of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, and telecommunication. Mark graduated from Bucks County Technical School with his Electrical Journeyman's license. He has completed his Climate Master Start-Up Technician Training. He has also completed the Hirsch Electronics DIGI*TRAC design and installation and the Velocity installation, configuration, operator and administrator courses. He has also successfully completed the UTI D.O.T. Operator Qualification Series for M-2, locating and marking underground pipelines, M-5.1, operating line valves, and M-7, preventing accidental ignition, First Responder.

Prior to coming to Cedarville, Mark served as a telecommunications manager and a licensed electrical journeyman in Pennsylvania. Mark brings a high level of experience in project management, electrical work, telecommunications, and customer service to the university.


Gary Hull

Gary Hull, Electrician, 

Gary Phillips, Electrician

Gary & Gary inspect, repair, and install high- and low-voltage electrical systems, as well as maintain the campus electrical cable plant and backup generators. They also service all electrical cooking equipment in the cafeteria and helps maintain the energy management plant.



H.A.V.C Technicians
Pictured left to right
Jim Gilcher, 
Micah Pogirski,
James Rinaldi, 

Sean Scheerschmidt, Preventative Maintenance Technician

HVAC technicians inspect, repair, service, and install heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment, as well as perform maintenance on the energy management system that controls heating, air conditioning, and lighting on campus. They also maintain the campus natural gas distribution system and all cooking equipment in the cafeteria, including walk-in coolers and freezers. Jim, Micah, and James are graduates of trade schools and hold EPA licenses and I.C.E. certifications.


Mike Blosser, Plumber

Apart from maintaining the water plant (see Annual Water Quality Report), Mike addresses all normal plumbing maintenance needs that are reported to the Physical Plant; specify equipment and interface with contractors on larger projects, layout, and installation of piping and fixtures in smaller projects; coordinate work with other trades; and work with inspectors and other governing agencies as needs arise. Mike also performs special annual duties, such as blowing out and winterizing the well and booster pumps for irrigation systems at the athletic and intramural fields. He has received an Ohio Class 1 Operator License for the water plant, as well as a backflow prevention and testing certifications.

Jeff Cunningham, CU Utility Administrator


As the Cedarville Telecommunications Network Administrator, Jeff maintains 1,100 telephones on campus, four high-speed compressed telephone circuits, 911 data lines, and the 911 database out of Boulder, Colorado. Besides telecommunication, Jeff is an electrician and works with our utility companies.