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  1. Mailings must consist of 200 single pieces or more.
  2. All envelopes must be in zip code order with the smallest zip code in the front of the tray and the largest zip code in the back.
  3. Envelope flaps must be flat in a closed position. This is the only way the machine will seal the envelope as postage is applied.
  4. Remove and keep separate all campus and foreign envelopes as they cannot be included in the count.
  5. Trays are available upon request.
  6. Due to the additional staff needed to process these mailings and the growing amount of money needed on the meter machine to process your standard mailings, we are requesting that each department notify us two weeks in advance of these mailings.
  7. We only seal envelopes that close at the top. Envelopes that close at the side should be sealed before you bring them to the P.O. In addition, it is very difficult for the machine to seal the large 9x12 envelopes. You may want to consider the kind with the seal strip at the top. To insure contents arrive safely, please seal before you bring it to us.
  8. Bring an ICF form (filled out) when you bring your mailings. This helps us to identify the mailing.
  9. Please be ready with an accurate count of how many pieces are in your mailing.
  10. Be sure all contents are down inside the envelopes or the envelopes will not seal correctly.
  11. Rain, sleet, hail, or fog dampens glue on flaps and causes them to stick together. Please cover mail when bringing it to the P.O. in inclement weather.
  12. Do not overstuff trays or stack them on top of one another - this causes wrinkles and smashes the top of the envelopes making it difficult to run them through the machine.

We appreciate your cooperation and ask that you relay this procedure to any persons in your office/organization who will be working with these mailings. If you have any questions, please call Phyllis Morris or Paula Adkins at 7908. Thank you.