Book Review: Becoming a Category of One

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Book Review: Becoming a Category of One

May 20, 2011

Becoming a Category of OneThis book is a really great resource for organizations concerned about how to grow in the midst of current economic conditions, and more importantly how to see our current economic reality as an opportunity to move ahead and establish strong market share. In fact, Joe Calloway talks a lot about becoming a “category of one” and how to position your organization as “top of class” or brand of choice. The one thing I resonated with is that customers today, and in the future, will expect a quality product and consistent exemplary service. This means if you want future success and growth you’ll have to focus on the company culture. In order to always be developing a strong, growing, vibrant customer base, organizations will have to respond continuously with new and improved products.

It will be important for “category of one” organizations to continuously create and sustain a culture of innovation. Universities will need to foster and reward a spirit of innovation throughout the university community so all faculty and staff feel empowered to contribute new ideas.

This book is a good reminder about how important it is for leaders to create a culture that is customer focused in everything it does from product development to creating loyal and repeat customers. This book is both practical and insightful. Often the basics shared in a new way can cause us as leaders to focus on the most important aspects of our business – employees and customers.

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