Building A Dynamic Organization

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Building A Dynamic Organization

July 9, 2012

Organizations are like sports teams. It takes patience and time to build a championship team. Building a dynamic organization also takes time.

Leaders need to think about the readiness of their organizations. Just as "winning teams" consist of good players with talent, organizations need to attract talented and experienced leaders. Leaders must focus on building a culture that attracts and retains top people. Does the culture provide upward mobility? Does it encourage and reward innovation? Does it offer employees a sense of belonging, connectedness, and community? Just as organizations do not operate in a vacuum, but instead compete for customers via products and services, organizations also compete for human talent. What are you doing to make your organization a desirable place to develop a career? Is it an organization that gets a lot of "buzz" among college career directors and recent college graduates?

Five Foundational Principles for Building a Dynamic Organization

  1. Make a commitment to retain and attract top performers.
  2. Make a commitment to reward and recognize game changers.
  3. Make a commitment to channel talented performers to positions with growth opportunities.
  4. Make a commitment to create a culture of innovation.
  5. Make a commitment to foster authentic relationships and community.

We often think about the short-term and are aggressive about making changes to increase productivity and output. As leaders we can make the biggest impact by building a dynamic organization that will stand the test of time. If we are truly committed to long-term success for our organizations, we will spend valuable time developing and investing in people.

Just as some sports franchises have become dynasties with bigger than life reputations, we must seek to create organizational cultures that are dynamic and attractive to recruit and retain impact leaders.