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Victory for Louis

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Victory for Louis

Louis Yaklich receives his degree from Dr. Bill Brown, president of Cedarville University.

by Public Relations Office - Cedarville, OH

May 17, 2007

After seven years of steadily working toward graduation at Cedarville University, Louis Yaklich has earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in history.

An inspiring figure on campus, Yaklich has Friedreich’s ataxia, a progressive, genetic disease of the central nervous system. Wheelchair-bound, he has impaired speech, finds it cumbersome to read, and chokes on his saliva. Yet while his body is failing, his mind and determination are quite intact.

Yaklich has pursued his degree with amazing courage and has had the help and support of many along the way. Marilyn Meyer, coordinator of disability services for students, Dr. Merlin Ager, former dean of the School of Social Sciences and Professional Studies, and Dr. Pamela Johnson, dean of the School of Health and Human Performance, helped and encouraged Yaklich throughout his tenure. Dormmates worked out a schedule to take turns assisting him with physical challenges. At different times through the years, brother Micah and mom Cheryl served as aides. Numerous others have played a part in Yaklich’s story.

With his dream of graduation now fulfilled, Yaklich plans to return home to Mansfield, Ohio, to tutor and/or pursue online graduate work. How does he want Cedarville University to remember him? “As a devout follower of Jesus Christ,” said Yaklich, “and no memories of me that do not glorify God.” Best wishes and congratulations to Louis Yaklich as he serves our Lord!