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Cedarville Prof Stands Out On Stage

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Cedarville Prof Stands Out On Stage

Moore in Shakespearean character as Touchstone. Photo courtesy of Matt Moore.

by Sharyn Kopf—Cedarville, OH

September 21, 2009

Cedarville University professor Matthew Moore doesn’t just teach about theatre: he lives it. In fact, he spent much of his summer performing in Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It with the Actors’ Theatre Company in Columbus, Ohio.

An associate professor of communication arts, Moore played Touchstone, court jester to the play’s Duke Frederick. The show received an exemplary review in The Columbus Dispatch, and Moore’s performance, in particular, was noted as a stand-out one.

According to the article, his “command of Shakespeare’s language in Touchstone’s rapid-fired comic monologues approaches the mastery of a Cyrano de Bergerac.”

The production lasted five weekends as the company performed 18 shows for a wide mix of people from every socioeconomic class. Moore especially appreciated the opportunity to act outdoors, as he considered it much like the environment for which Shakespeare designed his works.

Of course, the experience also enhanced Moore’s role as an educator. “Because I teach a skills-based course, I think it’s important that I’m both a scholar and a practitioner,” he said. “Students value the instruction of a prof who has ‘been there, done that,’ and continues to do it. And I can empathize with students at every stage of the process. They are able to watch me model what I teach, and there’s great educational value in that.”

Up next, Moore has been cast as a lead in a play for one of Columbus’s premier professional theatres, CATCO. And he will utilize his expertise with the stage and Shakespeare again this winter, as he directs the Cedarville University production of Much Ado About Nothing.

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