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Dr. Smith Goes to Washington

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Dr. Smith Goes to Washington

Twelve students spent the semester studying and interning in the nation's capital.

by Marketing Department - Cedarville, Ohio

December 17, 2009

Dr. Smith Goes to Washington
After several years of planning and preparation, the Department of History and Government along with the Center for Political Studies (CPS), has sent twelve students to the spend the semester studying and interning in the nation's capital.

Dr. Mark Caleb Smith, Director of the CPS, is the lead professor for the program in this its inaugural year. While in D.C., students are taking two courses under Dr. Smith: Organizational Theory and Christianity and Public Life. Meanwhile, students spend four days each week at an internship related to their major field.

The internships range from serving in congressional offices to working in the Department of Homeland Security. The students enrolled this semester have a variety of majors including Political Science, International Studies Communications, Philosophy and Criminal Justice, evidencing the broad appeal this program will have across campus in the future. Dr. Smith plans tours and briefings with agencies and individuals across Washington each Monday.

Finally, the group experiences at least one cultural event unique to D.C. each week. Altogether, these opportunities and experiences comprise a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for students. The department plans to offer the D.C. semester each fall with different faculty going each time. We are grateful to the Lord for His provision in this new program and believe it will provide unique and life-changing experiences and opportunities for our students.