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Fresh Perspectives

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Fresh Perspectives

by Marketing

December 7, 2009

Two 2009 graduates share what it's like to take their business degree into the real world.

“Graduating from Cedarville during a time of economic uncertainty was certainly a challenging experience. During my senior year, I had applied for multiple positions all over the country but no doors seemed to be opening. I was willing to go anywhere and try anything. In January, when I thought I might have to return home to Nebraska and look for a job there, United Technologies Corporation (UTC) offered me my one and only job offer. Even though this was my only job offer, I felt like this was an amazing opportunity that only God could have created.

“Since joining UTC’s Financial Leadership Program in July, I have begun to recognize the quality of the education I received at Cedarville. A majority of the other UTC program students from nearby state schools received a similar business education, but what sets Cedarville apart was the development and focus on professionalism. Opportunities like our senior dining etiquette experience and the multiple classroom presentations have helped me stand out among other professionals my age. I believe in the DBA’s goal to ‘prepare business professionals who will make a difference for Christ in the global marketplace’ and can't wait to hear how other graduates are making a difference.”
— Nick Arch ’09, Financial Leadership Program Associate for United Technologies Corp., Middletown, Connecticut

“It’s truly a blessing to have any type of job in the current market. Although public accounting hasn’t been affected as much as other industries, there is still the reality of cutbacks. This motivates me not only to be thankful for my job but also to work harder and ensure that even as a first-year auditor I’m adding value to Deloitte.

“After a few months on the job, I feel that my education at Cedarville prepared me well for what I’m doing. The DBA also made it a point to integrate faith into classes and caused us to think through different ethical situations that we may face. As a student, I didn’t appreciate just how important it is to find ways to integrate my faith into my job and how I interact with my coworkers and clients.”
— Brett Bigler ’09, Audit Assistant for Deloitte, Indianapolis, Indiana