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God's Financial Provision

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God's Financial Provision

by Elisabeth Small '09

May 8, 2009

My story is probably similar to most everyone else’s at Cedarville. I am one of five children, and I knew I would be paying my way through school. I was worried about college debt and how I would afford to pay tuition, but my father said, "God will provide."

I made it through my freshman and sophomore years of school with the help of financial aid, scholarships, and anonymous giving. Halfway through my junior year, the worst financial struggles began — I was working three jobs and still struggling to pay the bills. I eventually came to grips with not returning to CU in the fall for my senior year. But my father was right: God provided in the form of money that I did not even know existed.

I received a phone call the last day of my junior year and was informed that the rest of my bill had been paid. I could return in the fall for my senior year! I had watched other people come out of their financial struggles and had wondered when my help would arrive. But God was there, and He does provide — in His perfect timing!

Elisabeth Small '09
Montrose, Pennsylvania