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Making a Creative Impact

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Making a Creative Impact

Photo courtesy of Cameron Braun

by Sharyn Kopf—Cedarville, Ohio

March 6, 2009

Whatever your thoughts are on the recent election, the high voter turnout proved, once again, the importance of casting your ballot.

Cedarville University graduate Cameron Braun ’07 believes in that power and followed through by entering — and winning — the Dayton Creative Syndicate 2008 “Get Out the Vote” Poster Competition.

“I wanted to use the gifts and talents I have to join in and, hopefully, get more people out there voting, regardless of what candidate they chose to support,” says Braun. “As Americans, our vote is our voice, and if we don’t vote we won’t be able to influence results. And we certainly won’t have the right to complain.”

Braun was inspired, in part, by political artwork of the past, both good and bad. He studied the campaigns of different politicians throughout history to see how these ads influenced the art and propaganda of the time.

Though recently laid off, Braun has taken this opportunity to start his own design business, Cameron Braun Design. “I am now self-employed,” he says, “and working on various projects. But artistically I am really pursuing a creative outlet through photography.” He sees the art form as an integral part of the creative process and, since design can be hindered by poor photography, is doing his part to change that.

A graphic design major, Braun is grateful for how his time at Cedarville taught him about the nature of God and how we relate to Him. “Everything we do is in light of who God is,” he concludes, “and that fact affects how I live and how I conduct myself in a professional manner.”

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You can e-mail Braun at or visit his website.