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New Political Science Professor

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New Political Science Professor

Dr. Jewerl Maxwell joins the history and government department.

by Marketing Department - Cedarville, Ohio

December 18, 2009

The department is pleased to welcome Dr. Jewerl Maxwell to its faculty. Dr. Maxwell did his undergraduate work at Muskingum College and his graduate work at Miami University of Ohio where he wrote a dissertation examining the use of power by the executive branch.

Academically, Dr. Maxwell brings needed expertise in the areas of the Presidency, Powers and Federalism, and Comparative Politics. We believe that his addition will allow us to offer an even more highly competitive Political Science program. He will also be teaching our main general education course, Politics and American Culture, a course that focuses on civic responsibility in a democratic society in fashion congruent with the principles of Scripture.

Dr. Maxwell has taught at two different colleges before coming here. Most recently, he left a tenure track position to come to Cedarville because he wanted the opportunity to minister to and disciple students.

Wherever he has been, Dr. Maxwell has sought out opportunities to be salt and light to the students. At a Christ centered institution for the first time, Dr. Maxwell is enjoying the opportunity to be open about his faith and walk along side his students as both seek to bring glory to Christ. We are thrilled to have him at Cedarville.