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Remembering a Legacy of Faith

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Remembering a Legacy of Faith

Dr. Dan Estes reads scripture along with more than 50 friends and colleagues of former Cedarville Bible Professor Michael Holt. Original artwork was dedicated in Holt's name on February 10, 2009 and placed in the Center for Biblical and Theological Studies. Photo credit: Scott L. Huck/Cedarville University

by Public Relations Office—Cedarville, Ohio

February 20, 2009

He put words to action, and on February 10, 2009, Cedarville University commemorated the legacy of Professor Michael Holt by dedicating original artwork in his name.

The dedication ceremony took place in the hallway of the Center for Biblical and Theological Studies (BTS), where more than 50 friends and colleagues gathered to remember a man who had a significant impact on so many. An assistant professor of biblical studies, Holt came to Cedarville after 16 years as pastor of the First Reformed Church of Xenia, Ohio.

“What summarizes Mike best for me,” said Dr. Chris Miller, interim chair for the department of biblical studies, “was that his first goal was to make five other people successful. And Mike provided the resources and encouragement to see it happen.”

Holt passed away suddenly on July 4, 2005, following a heart attack. Dr. Tom Hutchison, interim dean of the school of biblical and theological studies, described Holt as a gentle man and a caring friend. “I saw his pastor’s heart in a very real way,” Hutchison said at the dedication. “And he extended that to his students.”

The two images now displayed in Holt’s honor were created by Sandra Bowden, a Christian contemporary visual artist. According to Dr. David Mills, professor of philosophy, the primary elements are lines of Hebrew texts compacted together, continuing the theme of Scripture throughout the BTS.

Titled “He Spake and It Was Done II,” the first image includes text from Genesis 1 and Psalm 33. The second piece also carries a central Hebrew text from Genesis 1, but the surrounding words are Greek, taken from John 1:1, 14. It is titled “In the Beginning Was the Word.”

“Mike was very real,” said Dr. Don Grigorenko, associate professor of Bible. “He didn’t candy-coat anything. He was truthful with students and a real friend. You still see marks of his creativity here.”

For many, Holt was a true Renaissance man — a voracious reader with a technological background who loved teaching and sharing the Word of God. “He challenged us to think at the same time he was making us laugh,” Hutchison said. “Mike left a powerful impact on us all.”