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SIFE Passes Business Torch to Next Generation

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SIFE Passes Business Torch to Next Generation

Chris Graff(left), senior management major and SIFE member, assists local elementary students as they discover basic business principles. Photo courtesy of Cedarville University SIFE (

by Public Relations

December 8, 2009

It seems that some students can’t keep their business to themselves. For the past few years, Cedarville University students have been encouraging local kids and youth to learn about some serious (and fun) business.

A few years ago, the University’s Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) organization created “Ready, Sell, Dough,” a hands-on program designed to teach young people how to operate a business.

During the Fall 2009 semester, SIFE students educated local fourth graders in the basic tools of business. The elementary students created their own businesses and sold cookies to their peers. The goal was for the students to discover how to make a profit as well as learn valuable business skills such as proper process, clear communication, and teamwork.

Cedarville’s SIFE students also work with at-risk teenagers. They partner with The Rock, an inner-city Springfield program, to share professional business skills such as job hunting and successful interviewing.

“We have been traveling to The Rock for 2 years now,” says Tacie Brammer, junior student and CU SIFE president, “It’s clear that the lessons are having a positive effect on the teens.”

Ted Rastatter, director of The Rock adds, “For many of our students, the idea of going to a 4 year university outside of their own city limits seems impossible. SIFE has taught our students the value of setting financial goals as well as job appropriateness and interview skills in a culturally relevant way.”