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Sink or Swim - Engineering Students Defy All Odds

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Cedarville Carboard Canoe Race - Engineering Major

Imagine competing in a boat race by building your own boat ... using only cardboard, tape and your imagination. Photo credit: Scott L. Huck / Cedarville University

by Public Relations

November 16, 2010

Imagine competing in a boat race. Imagine having to build your own boat for the race. Now imagine being able to use only cardboard, tape and your imagination to construct the boat. Well, that’s exactly what this year’s freshman class of engineers at Cedarville University did for Homecoming Weekend.

Each engineering team used up to 40 feet of cardboard and 55 yards of tape to construct the canoe. With only two weeks to prepare, the engineers did their best to reach the other side of the lake while trying to stay afloat.

Watch the Canoe Race Presentation » 

The Elmer W. Engstrom Department of Engineering and Computer Science encourages students to gain real-world experience through team development and application of their studies using projects and competitions. Often these endeavors require additional funding and material from outside sources. If you are interested in partnering with Cedarville to further the education of University students, please contact Dr. Sam SanGregory by calling (937) 766-7680 or emailing.

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