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Change a Schedule: Add or Drop Course Sections

  1. Using any web browser, log in to WebAdvisor with your Cedarville User ID (username) and password.
    • Note: If you have password problems, click on the Contact Us link on the WebAdvisor page and send an e-mail to the WebAdvisor administrator, or call 937-766-7905.
  2. Click on the Students link.
  3. Locate the Registration area and click on Register and Drop Sections.
  4. Click the Select box for each course you plan to drop; press Submit.
    • After pressing Submit, the next page identifies the courses you dropped and the courses remaining on your schedule.
    • Note: If you are trying to drop all your courses for a term, WebAdvisor will allow you to drop all courses except for one course. WebAdvisor may display a notification at the top of the screen that directs you to contact the Office of the Registrar before you can drop your final course. If you receive this notification, send an e-mail to the Office of the Registrar or call 937-766-7710 for assistance.
  5. Press OK at the bottom of the screen to proceed back to the Students Menu screen.
  6. To view your class schedule from the Students Menu, locate the Academic Profile area on the Students Menu and click on My class schedule. In the Term field, select the class schedule you want to view and press Submit.
    • Reminder: If you registered for or dropped courses in multiple terms, you need to review each Term to verify your class schedule(s).