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Changes in a student's course schedule must be made through the drop/add process. This may be completed online through seven calendar days after classes begin. After this time, a Drop/Add Form is required to complete a schedule change (Drop/Add Forms are available from the Office of the Registrar in SSC-132). The student's advisor and the instructor of the course must sign the Drop/Add Form. The corresponding department chair or dean may sign in the absence of either of these faculty.

When a course is dropped, the action is recorded as follows:

When Course is Dropped Transcript Record of Action
Before the end of the
2nd calendar week
No record on transcript
During 3rd calendar week
through 9th calendar week
W - Withdrawn
10th - 11th calendar weeks WP - Withdrawn Passing or
WF - Withdrawn Failing
Week 12 through the end of the semester Dropping a course
is not permitted

Course changes are complete when the Office of the Registrar receives the completed Drop/Add Form. The effective date of the course change and refund is the date the Office of the Registrar receives the completed form.

Failure to properly drop a class will result in a grade of "Z" which impacts a student's grade point average the same as an "F" grade.

The department chair/dean signature is required to add a course after two weeks of classes.

Term specific drop/add schedule provides term specific information for both tuition refund and transcripted action related to when a course is dropped.