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Program Evaluation

Note:  The program evaluation process generates a report of a student's progress towards degree completion, including completed courses and courses necessary for completion.

Reports are currently available for active Master of Education (M.Ed.) students.  Reports for Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.) and Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) students will be available during fall 2012.  The program evaluation process does not provide a report if you are enrolled as a general study/non-degree student.

  1. Using any web browser, log in to WebAdvisor using your Cedarville User ID (username) and password.
    • Note: If you have password problems, click on the Contact Us link on the WebAdvisor page and send an e-mail to the WebAdvisor administrator, or call 937-766-7905.
  2. Click on the Students link.
  3. Locate either the Academic Planning or Academic Profile sections and click on the Program Evaluation link.
  4. Select an active program; press Submit.
    • Note: After pressing Submit, you may receive a message saying, "Report for WBSTS10 is not yet complete.  Click REFRESH or RELOAD to try again." There will be an option for OK.  Do not click "OK." If you press OK at this point, you will be directed back to the WebAdvisor Student menu.  To refresh the results, press either F5 on your keyboard or click on the refresh icon on your browser.
  5. Your academic/program evaluation will display on the screen and include your completed courses and courses necessary for degree completion. You may compare the program evaluation with the degree requirements by reviewing the current or archived graduate catalog listed at the top of the evaluation. 
  6. Plan your studies and enroll for future courses by reviewing the graduate course schedules or contacting your program advisor.
  7. If you have any questions about or notice any discrepancies on your academic/program evaluation, please contact the office of the registrar