Focus Leadership

Getting Started Weekend at Cedarville

Developing leaders of character . . . on campus . . . and beyond.

We provide student leaders with opportunities and an environment to:

  • Train for success in leadership through interactive forums, structured experiences, and skill-driven workshops.
  • Explore their leadership styles and passions by serving in a variety of leadership roles on campus.
  • Relate their growth as leaders to experiences of faculty, staff, and fellow student leaders.


  • Finding FOCUS: Discovering Character Leadership
    Students will gain an understanding of leadership and how they can develop their leadership skills on campus.
  • Knowing Yourself as a Leader
    Students will learn how their personalities influence their leadership styles.
  • Personal Priorities
    Students will discover how personal priorities can affect all areas of their lives and how to increase their productivity.
  • The Art of Inclusion
    In this online session that can be completed at any time, students will explore the importance of diversity in leadership from a Christian perspective.
  • Working With Personalities
    Students will learn how to best work with others with differing personalities.
  • Channeling Conflict
    Students will learn how to have the tough, but necessary, conversations that are crucial to being a leader.


Junior Jam / CedarMania / High School Leadership Conference: Serve on a leadership team for one of these high-energy events, held annually on our campus.

Getting Started Weekend: Serve the incoming freshmen as they move in and adjust to college life.

Service Teams: Participate in a ministry, get involved with MIS, or join a student org!


Peer Mentor: Develop a personal understanding of leadership through a relationship with a peer mentor.

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