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Q: What is the difference between the VIEW program and the DEVELOP program? Do I need to complete both?

A: The VIEW program provides a foundation for new and aspiring leaders. The DEVELOP program is to help current leaders expand their leadership skills so that they can continue to serve with excellence not only here at Cedarville but after college as well. The VIEW is required for being a campus leader (RA's, SGA executive council, org. officers, SCAB, etc.); however, we highly encourage you to consider completing the DEVELOP program as well.

Q: If I want to be an RA, do I only have to take certain sessions?

A: RAs like other campus leaders are required to complete the VIEW program. The homepage of FOCUS Leadership lists the sessions that are a part of the VIEW program.

Q: Some of the sessions I need to take are not available for registration. Will they be opened later?

A: Sessions will be offered throughout the year, so do not worry if you do not see all the sessions offered in one semester. Sessions are offered both semesters as well, so if you do not get to take a session in the fall you can take it in the spring.

Q: I have taken some FOCUS sessions in previous years. Do I need to retake these sessions?

A: No. If you have taken some of the FOCUS sessions previously, you simply need to take the remaining classes to complete the FOCUS Leadership program.

Q: Does FOCUS leadership need to be retaken each year?

A: No, completing the course once will meet your requirement as you continue to serve as a leader here on campus.

Q: What if something has come up and I am no longer able to attend the sessions I registered for?

A: Simply unregister yourself from the sessions you will not be able to attend, and plan to attend these sessions when they're offered again during the semester or next semester.