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Outline of services offered

24hr, 7 days a week emergency medical coverage for the Cedarville University campus. Along with mutual aid coverage for the local community.

Campus size

Cedarville University: 2,500 undergrads; 1000 faculty & staff

Transport capability and charges for transport

1987 Ford Type I Ambulance
No transport/service fees

Funding for equipment

CUEMS is currently supported by Cedarville University Student Services; CUEMS is also supported through donations and sponsoring an EMT-B class

Administrative structure

Officers include Chief (1500), Assistant Chief (1510), Captain (1520), and Training Officer


CUEMS is currently staffed with Ohio Certified EMTs. Including EMT-Basics, Intermediates, and Paramedics, as well as certified drivers.

Call volume

Average of 35 calls each of three quarters

Response time

Responding 2-3 minutes; On-Scene 4-5 minutes from dispatch time


Formed in 1963, active in 1965, American Red Cross Disaster Team in 1968.

Contact person

EMS Office