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Appointment Policies

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Appointment Policies (new as of September 2019)

  1. You may make only two one-hour appointments per week; however, both hours must be at least 24 hours apart.
    Note: If you need additional tutoring sessions, please contact your professor and ask him or her to contact the Writing Center to address how we may better serve you.
  1. In situations where the drafts are 8 pages or longer, writers may also email their papers directly to their tutors at least 48 hours in advance of the appointment. If the tutors can, they will review the papers prior to the appointment in order to save time in the session itself.
  2. Finally, once you make an appointment on the online schedule, no one else can access that time, so please be considerate of your fellow students and the Writing Center tutors by showing up for your appointments and being on time. If you realize you cannot come for an appointment you've scheduled, be sure to delete that appointment so that another student may access our services. Students who miss more than two appointments will receive a warning via email; students who miss more than three appointments per semester will be banned from using the center's services for an entire semester.

A Note for Parents

Communication in Writing Center sessions will occur between your student and the Writing Center tutor, where your student can ask questions about the assignment and the paper as well as seek assistance for improving the writing overall. Information on how your student can make appointments at the Writing Center through its online scheduling system is also accessible on this website here. All students are responsible to schedule and manage their own appointments through that system.

As a parent, you cannot participate in your student’s tutoring sessions either in-person or online. If you accompany your student to a Writing Center session, the tutor will request that you sit elsewhere as he or she conducts the appointment. In addition, no tutor is permitted to speak with you regarding any tutoring sessions conducted with your student. The tutors look forward to assisting dual enrollment students with all their writing needs.