Family standing in front of dormitory

Making Memories – Annual Lawlorpalooza/Printy Wars

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Making Memories – Annual Lawlorpalooza/Printy Wars

September 21, 2017

The semester is in full swing, and your students are busy with their classes and fully immersing themselves in ministry and discipleship opportunities. But, be assured that they’re making time for fun, too!

My daughter is a Community Life Coordinator (CLC) in Printy Hall, and she and her dormmates had a blast during the annual Lawlorpalooza/Printy Wars. As a dad, it's so rewarding to know that she is not only getting an excellent education and growing spiritually, she's having the time of her life and making lifelong friends.

Watch the video from this year's Lawlorpalooza/Printy Wars and get a taste for what your student is experiencing at Cedarville. You may even see someone you know!

Lawlorpalooza Printy Wars video shot

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