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Welcome to Cedarville ParentConnect!

August 2, 2017


Jeff BesteI graduated from Cedarville College 30 years ago and have been working here as a staff member for 29 years. But one year ago, I was looking at Cedarville University differently than I ever had before – as a PARENT! My oldest daughter is getting ready to begin her sophomore year at Cedarville, and I could not be more excited about where Cedarville is today and where we are headed.

Last year's transition to being the parent of a Cedarville student brought some unique insights, however. One of those was our desire for more communication! While we live only a mile from campus, we seldom saw Kylie (she's a crazy busy college student, right?), and when she did call home, the kind of information she shared was not necessarily what was happening on campus, or who was speaking in chapel, or what programs we might be interested in hearing about. It was about HER.

As Director of Parent and Alumni Engagement, I realized that parents need a better way to be engaged with Cedarville and what is happening on campus. So, welcome to the re-imagined ParentConnect prepared especially for parents of current Cedarville students!

My goal is to get you information at least twice a month that can help you navigate your student's college experience — like school break times, when the semester ends, when your student has to be out of the residence hall as well as when a good weekend might be to come and visit or how to access the live stream of chapel.

I look forward to hearing from you – let me know the kinds of things you want to hear about. How would you like to become more connected with Cedarville as a parent?

We can’t wait to welcome you and your student back to campus in less than a month!

Jeff Beste
Director of Parent and Alumni Engagement

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