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What is Air Force ROTC?

Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) is an educational program designed to give you the opportunity to become an Air Force officer while pursuing your college degree. It is designed to prepare you to assume positions of increasing responsibility and importance in today?s Air Force.

If I join Air Force ROTC, am I joining the USAF?

No, if you receive a scholarship, you are not obligated until the scholarship is activated .. usually the fall of your sophomore year. If you don?t have a scholarship, you are not committed until you start your junior year. You will be provided many opportunities to see what the Air Force is about before committing.

Can I join Air Force ROTC without a scholarship?

Yes, many students start without a scholarship and then compete for one.

What is the commitment to the Air Force upon graduation?

Most officers have a four-year active duty commitment. Pilots, navigators, and a few other specialties have varying additional commitments.

How much would I get paid in the Air Force?

Right now an Air Force 2nd Lt. earns approximately $41,000, plus full medical care, 30 days paid vacation, and special allowances for flying and some other duties. More important, the initial jobs you have contain experiences that are valued if you stay in the military or return to civilian life.

Are there any special housing arrangements or student rules?

No, Cedarville students involved in ROTC are treated like any other student.

Can I participate in other student activities on campus?

Definitely! This is highly encouraged. Many cadets are involved in a variety of student organizations and clubs.

How much time do I spend on ROTC each week?

You have an academic class, a Leadership Lab, and a PT session each week. This usually takes about 4 hours during the freshman year. Other activities and duties increase the time modestly in the following years.

When will I receive my Air Force uniform?

You will be issued (free) a complete set of uniform items early in the fall semester. You are responsible to keep the uniform clean and serviceable.