For the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ


To achieve its purpose, the Student Life Division seeks to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Provide a safe and attractive residential/campus experience that promotes academic, interpersonal, emotional, and spiritual development.
  2. Provide experiences that help students to engage the world in ways that are consistent with God's word and the spirit of Jesus Christ.
  3. Facilitate the physical, mental, and spiritual health of each student.
  4. Increase each student's awareness of their unique gifts, abilities, responsibilities, and calling within God's kingdom.
  5. Instill in students a character-based philosophy of leadership.
  6. Promote the learning objectives, and directions for growth outlined in Cedarville University's Diversity Statement.
  7. Encourage students to think critically and biblically about important contemporary issues using appropriate skills of engagement and discernment.