Nikki Bourne

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Nikki Bertolino

Resident Director for Jenkins & Murphy Halls


Jenkins, Walker, and Murphy Halls

Education: M.S. in Occupational Therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina; B.A. in Communications, minor in Spanish, psychology, Bible from Cedarville University!
Where I'm From: I'm from NY/NJ (and yes I pronounce "coffee" like "cawfee")
Hobbies: Running, anything adventurous or related to hiking, farmers markets, playing spike ball with my husband, painting, learning new languages
Favorite book: CS Lewis, the Explicit Gospel; I also enjoy classic poetry!
Favorite place: I love the natural beauty of Maine, but feel most at home in Brooklyn, NY
Favorite snacks: Cheetos (crunchy, of course :)), Reese's cups, coffee, ice cream