For the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ

Cedarville's Student Life Philosophy


We exist to help Cedarville University fulfill its mission to be a Christ-centered learning community by exhibiting the spirit of Jesus Christ and recognizing the values of God's kingdom. We seek to equip students for lives marked by academic success, spiritual vitality, physical and mental health, relational accountability, personal integrity, and meaningful service.

Core Outcomes

To achieve its purpose, the Student Life Division seeks to accomplish the following core outcomes in our graduates:

  1. Cedarville graduates will understand the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, distinguish it from common misconceptions, and live out its implications for all of their lives.
  2. Cedarville graduates will identify their spiritual giftedness and strengths and actively participate in the community and mission of their local church.
  3. Cedarville graduates will recognize the Bible as the revelation of God about Himself, demonstrate knowledge of the biblical text, and apply it to all facets of life.
  4. Cedarville graduates will desire to see the Gospel communicated to all peoples and participate by praying, giving, going, and mobilizing.
  5. Cedarville graduates will know their strengths and weaknesses and will be servant-leaders by living consistent lives, demonstrating competence, and earning an audience that produces influence in the lives of others.
  6. Cedarville graduates will develop disciplines that produce spiritual, emotional, physical, mental, and relational health.