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Evan Hellwig

Evan Hellwig, Ph.D.

Dean, Professor of Athletic Training


Dr. Evan Hellwig was the first athletic trainer at Cedarville University and helped establish the CAATE-accredited Athletic Training Program. He has served as academic advisor to numerous students interested in pursuing graduate education in one of the allied health career fields. He teaches a variety of courses in the athletic training and exercise science programs and stays involved in clinical practice during the summer months. Dr. Hellwig is a member of the National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education, the National Athletic Trainers Association, the Ohio Athletic Trainers Association, and the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association.

Education and Credentials

  • Ph.D., University of Virginia
  • Physical Therapy Certificate, University of Iowa School of Medicine
  • B.S., Mankato State University

Scholarly Works

  • The Mechanical and Clinical Reliability of the Kinetic Communicator's Gravity Correction Procedure (Evan V. Hellwig) Faculty Dissertations (1992)
  • The Reliability of Three Isokinetic Knee-extension Angle-specific Torques (B. L. Arnold, D. H. Perrin and Evan V. Hellwig) Journal of Athletic Training (1993)
  • Relationship Between Isokinetic Average Force, Peak Force, Average Torque, and Peak Torque of the Shoulder Internal and Exterior Rotator Muscle Groups (D. H. Perrin, L. L. Tis, Evan V. Hellwig, et al.) Isokinetics and Exercise Science (1993)  
  • Effect of Gravity Correction on Shoulder Rotation Isokinetic Average Force and Reciprocal Muscle Group Ratios (D. H. Perrin, Evan V. Hellwig, L. L. Tis, et al.) Isokinetics and Exercise Science (1992)  
  • A Comparison of Two Positions for Assessing Shoulder Rotator Peak Force: The Traditional Frontal Plane Versus the Plane of the Scapula (Evan V. Hellwig and D. H. Perrin) Isokinetics and Exercise Science (1991)

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  • Favorite place to visit: A cabin on the Colorado/Wyoming state line.
  • Hobbies: Running, Sudoku
  • Unusual fact: He is an identical twin
  • Why Cedarville: The balance between teaching and scholarship, liberal arts and professional programs, academics and athletics, Christian liberty and accountability.