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Music Auditions

Who Should Audition?

All students who desire to major in music at Cedarville University must complete an audition in their primary performance area. The audition provides the music faculty with an opportunity to measure your potential success as a music major and to determine whether you will be admitted to the department to pursue a music degree. To be eligible for music scholarships, you must audition no later than our last scheduled audition date. 

Who is Eligible to Audition?

Students who wish to audition must fulfill the following requirements prior to the audition:

  • Complete junior year of high school
  • Submit admissions application to Cedarville University
  • Declare music as their major and intend to complete a music degree at Cedarville University

Audition Requirements

These pages provide you with suggested audition guidelines. Remember, the listed compositions are only samples of suggested material and are meant to indicate minimum proficiencies.

Students who audition for admission to the Department of Music and Worship at Cedarville University reflect a wide diversity of musical backgrounds and experiences. As you prepare for an audition, you should work closely with your private lesson teacher or high school music director to select material that best demonstrates your current level of ability. Students who perform in more than one musical area should audition on their strongest instrument.

Please choose one of the following audition options for more information:

Theory Placement Exam

All freshmen music majors and minors, as well as transfer students, are required to take a theory placement exam as a part of the audition and entrance process to the music program. This basic test will be given on all audition days and on the Monday of Getting Started Week before fall semester officially begins. For those requesting an audition on a non-audition day, please request to take the Theory Placement Exam at the time of your audition. Otherwise, you will take it on the Monday of Getting Started Week.

Upon completion of the exam, you will be placed into the appropriate theory level based on your score. Topics covered on the exam include keys, scales, and intervals along with simple aural concepts, such as matching pitch and singing simple melodies at sight.

You can prepare for the Theory Entrance Exam by purchasing an introductory music theory textbook and working through the material on your own. Introductory texts usually include titles such as Introduction to Music Theory, Basic Music Theory, or Fundamentals of Music Theory. A particularly useful text is Basic Materials in Music Theory: A Program Course by Paul O. Harder.

As you prepare, you should become very familiar with the following topics:

  • Rules of basic music notation
  • Major and minor key signatures
  • Relative and parallel keys
  • Simple meter and rhythm
  • Major and three minor scale forms
  • Basic interval spelling and recognition (up through the octave)
  • Matching pitch
  • Singing simple diatonic melodies at sight.

For additional information:

Dr. Bruce Curlette
(937) 766-7565

Schedule Your Audition

2024-25 Audition Dates

Before scheduling your audition, carefully read the individual requirements under your area of study in the "Audition Requirements" tab.

  • Friday, November 1, 2024 — Early scholarship decision available this date only.
  • Monday, February 17, 2025
  • Friday, March 21, 2025 — Last audition day to be eligible for music/worship scholarship consideration.
  • Other date — By permission of the music office only; see note below.

Scheduling Your Audition

Students who wish to audition should submit the online audition application at least two weeks prior to the date they wish to audition.

These audition days are designed especially for you! You will enjoy a complimentary breakfast and lunch, attend chapel, meet current music students, take the Theory Placement Exam, attend a special concert during the noon hour, and your parents can take part in a Financial Aid meeting. We highly encourage you to schedule your audition on one of these dates.

Note: If you are unable to visit campus during one of the dedicated audition dates, we can accommodate you. In these cases, please email the music and worship department with your desired audition date(s). You will receive an email stating either that your desired date has been approved or that you need to choose another date. Please note that specially scheduled auditions are available on weekdays (Monday–Friday) only. Auditions must be completed by the last audition date if you wish to be considered for a department scholarship.

If travel distance (300-plus miles) makes it impractical for you to perform an on-campus audition, you may submit a video audition. Recorded auditions must be received by the last audition date to be considered for a department scholarship. Please refer to the "Recorded Audition Instructions" on the Audition Requirements page or contact the Department of Music and Worship if you still have questions.

A schedule of the day's events will be emailed to you approximately two weeks before the audition day providing you have submitted the Audition Information Form as requested in your application confirmation email. It is imperative that we have a working email that is checked daily, as this is the method by which we will contact you concerning your audition and any other pertinent information.

RECORDED AUDITIONS must also complete the audition application form. Please use "Schedule Your Audition" button to reach the audition application and complete it.

Schedule Your Audition