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In an effort to recognize the significant contributions of the alumni of the School of Pharmacy to the profession, the community, future generations, and the Kingdom, the School’s Alumni Council has established (3) annual awards.


Nominations will be accepted through May 31 of each year for awards given during the University’s homecoming weekend of the same year. Individuals may be self-nominated or nominated by another person. A form will be completed with nominee information, reason for nomination, and a letter of recommendation. If available, a CV should be provided, as well.


The Alumni Council Awards Sub-Committee will evaluate each nominee and recommend one recipient for each award to the Alumni Council for final decision at least one month prior to homecoming weekend. If a nominee is a member of the alumni council, that individual will excuse him/herself from the discussion and final decision. Once the Alumni Council identifies the award recipients, the Dean of the School of Pharmacy will move forward with contacting the recipients and providing details of the awards ceremony.

2019 Recipients

Jordan Nicholls

Excellence in Missions and Ministry

Jordan Nicholls, Pharm.D. '16

Kasandra Chambers

Excellence in the Profession

Kasandra Chambers, Pharm.D. '16

Bethany Sibbitt

Excellence in Education

Bethany Sibbitt, Pharm.D. '16

2018 Recipients

Paul Srnis

Excellence in Missions and Ministry

Paul Srnis, Pharm.D., M.B.A. '16

McKenzie Shenk

Excellence in the Profession

McKenzie Shenk, Pharm.D. '17

Juanita Draime

Excellence in Education

Juanita Draime, Pharm.D. '16