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Alumni Award for Excellence in Missions and Ministry

The School of Pharmacy Alumni Council is seeking nominations for the Alumni Award for Excellence in Ministry and Missions. This award honors an individual for their ongoing contribution to the ministry and missions. Examples of selection criteria are:

  • Establishment/Development of a new pharmacy-related ministry opportunity and/or program, examples include:
    • Recurring Flu or Health Clinics in underserved populations/communities
    • Medication Therapy Management opportunities
    • Free or low-cost pharmacies using drug donation
    • Leadership of new or existing pharmacy-related ministry opportunities/programs.
  • Involvement or Leadership of short-term health-related missions team
    • Christian Medical and Dental Association, Global Health Outreach, Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International, and Cedarville University Global Outreach are among organizations leading teams.
    • More weight will be given to higher levels of involvement/planning/leadership
  • Involvement in disaster-relief either locally or abroad.
  • Long-term commitments to Missions including moving and living overseas in a pharmacy-related opportunity.