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Alumni Award for Excellence in the Profession

The School of Pharmacy Alumni Council is seeking nominations for the Alumni Award for Excellence in Professional Development. This award honors an individual for their ongoing contribution to the profession of pharmacy. Examples of selection criteria are:

    • Legislative Engagement: promoting the practice of pharmacy at the state or national level by educating lawmakers, mobilizing fellow pharmacists to influence their representatives, or proposing new legislative campaigns
    • Corporate Advancement: seeking and accepting opportunities for promotion through a company to gain business knowledge and implement strategies to increase efficiency and optimize care, ultimately addressing the issue of high healthcare costs
    • Clinical Innovation: conducting research to develop new medications, tests, products or processes in the treatment of specific illnesses or the care of specific populations or to contribute to the general body of healthcare knowledge
    • Colleague Development: recognizing the value in human resources and investing in the careers of coworkers, employees, and/or interns by identifying their strengths and areas for growth and mentoring them as they develop to their own professional potential