School of Pharmacy

Preferred Admission For Freshman and Transfer Students

The School of Pharmacy has a preferred admission program to ease the steps needed to enter the doctorate program. Instead of fighting for a spot in the doctorate program, and the growing concerns of a wait-list, undergraduates and transfer students who qualify may be granted preferred admission to our Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Additionally, students who are accepted into our preferred admission program are also eligible to receive a renewable scholarship up to $5,000. The award amount is determined by academic performance and results of the preferred admission interview, and stackable on any other Cedarville scholarships you receive!

Preferred admission is determined by a competitive process and begins with an invitation by the Pharmacy Admissions Committee to interview. To be invited for a preferred admission interview, you must be accepted to the University, and declare pharmaceutical sciences as your major. You can begin your application to Cedarville on June 1.

Invitation Criteria

Pharmacy application invitations are based upon the following criteria:

For freshmen students accepted at Cedarville University directly from high school:

  1. Declared major on application: Pharmaceutical Sciences
  2. High school curriculum
  3. Cumulative high school weighted grade point average of at least a 3.25    
  4. ACT composite of at least 23 or SAT composite of at least 1130*

For transfer students who have studied full time at another university:

  1. Declared major on application: Pharmaceutical Sciences
  2. Collegiate coursework
  3. Cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0

* SAT Test Scores: Based on SAT tests taken March 2016 and afterward.

Invitation Deadlines

The Director of Pharmacy Admissions will begin extending invitations to incoming freshmen and transfers after they have been admitted to the University. The University admissions application is open on June 1. Students should apply to Cedarville and choose Pharmaceutical Sciences as their intended major. Once admitted to the University, your credentials will be reviewed and qualified students will begin to be invited to interview starting in early September. The School of Pharmacy conducts interviews on CU Friday and All-Access event days.

There is no firm application deadline. Applicants to the preferred admission track are considered as long as there are still seats available in the class. Students receive notification from the School of Pharmacy Admissions Committee concerning their preferred admission status a week after their interview.

If you do not initially qualify for preferred admission, you may enroll at the University as a prepharmacy student, taking the recommended prepharmacy curriculum. Working with a pharmacy faculty advisor, you may develop a plan to pursue admission to the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy. Typically and depending upon space in the class, you will be considered for preferred admission to the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy when your spring semester cumulative Cedarville grade point average exceeds 3.0.

Advantages of Preferred Admission

  1. By achieving preferred admission, you can plan with confidence for pharmacy school, as long as you meet the program continuation requirements.
  2. You can focus on learning, not competing for a place in pharmacy school. We screen students in the admission process, not as a part of the academic experience. Consequently, your professors will focus on helping you learn and realize your full potential, not on weeding you out. Cedarville University has achieved national recognition for providing a supportive learning environment and a focus on undergraduate teaching. We want you to succeed!
  3. You have a significantly higher probability of gaining admission to pharmacy school and realizing your goal of becoming a pharmacist. Nationally, the average ratio of applicants to available spaces in pharmacy school is 8-to-1, giving you about a 12 percent chance of admission at other schools.

Continuation Requirements

To continue as a prepharmacy student and move into the Doctor of Pharmacy program, you will need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Grade point average of at least 3.00 at the end of each prepharmacy year
  2. "C" grade or higher in all courses
  3. Completion of all prepharmacy curriculum
  4. PCAT score (Pharmacy College Admissions Test) at the 50th percentile or above
  5. Successful interview with School of Pharmacy faculty during fall semester of final prepharmacy year