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Pre-Med at Cedarville

Route 3

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Pre-Med at Cedarville

At CU, most students thinking about the medical profession are Biology or Chemistry majors. Cedarville university offers both BA and BS degrees. The BS degree is more rigorous in the sciences; the BA is broader and allows more elective classes. Typical pre-med students are working towards a BS or BA degree in Biology, or a BA degree in Chemistry.

Some Key Facts About Our Program

  • Over the past five-year period, 81% of CU students who applied to medical schools were accepted. Nationally, the acceptance rate is 50-55%.
  • On the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), Cedarville premedical students consistently score well. Compared to composite MCAT scores for other undergraduate colleges, Cedarville University's scores are above the 95th percentile in the Verbal Reasoning section, above the 90th percentile in the Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences sections, and above the 75th percentile in the Writing Sample.
  • Cedarville is unique in many ways, offering a Bible minor, a daily Chapel service, and a curriculum that emphasizes the interdependency of all the academic disciplines.
  • Bio and Chem majors at CU are exposed to a rigorous curriculum of core courses plus upper-level electives.
  • BS Bio majors are required to do independent research under the direction of a faculty member. This requirement can also be met by summer laboratory work at another instituion.
  • The Digital Microscopy Lab has state of the art equipment that allows digital imaging of biological specimens, from the naked-eye down to 2000 power (example: The Human Histology Web Site)
  • Human Anatomy is taught through the use of a dissected human cadaver, supplemented by online software.
  • Cedarville University Emergency Medical Services, or CUEMS, has the distinction of being the first student-manned collegiate emergency medical service in the USA. All students who serve with CUEMS are certified professional EMTs. CUEMS works closely with the Cedarville Township Volunteer Fire Department, which provides ambulance and emergency aid to Cedarville Township and the surrounding area. Many students are dual members of both organizations and have special certifications in firefighting, advanced life support, and other rescue specialty areas.
  • Not only do our students get accepted to med school, they perform well when they get there. Many students have written back to our professors to tell them how well they are prepared in genetics, cell biology, anatomy, embryology, and physiology.

Starting the Process

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