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Welcome to Cedarville University and its Department of Education! As Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Human Performance, it is my pleasure to welcome the distinguished members of the visiting team from the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education for a campus visit as part of the accreditation process for our teacher education unit.

Cedarville University's teacher education programs and unit have been preparing compassionate professional educators for leadership and service in both public and private schools for over a century. Characterized by a clear commitment to the integration of their faith with their learning throughout their lives, our teacher candidates are known for their competence and Christlike character during their time here as well as when they assume their responsibilities within the profession.

We are appreciative that you have made yourselves available to us in this accreditation process, and have already realized tangible benefits to our unit and the teacher candidates we serve as a result of the efforts involved in developing the Institutional Report and the Virtual Resource Room. We look forward to a rich return on your labors in this site visit as you assist us in identifying ways of becoming more effective as a unit in improving candidate performance so that student learning and the learning environment in both public and private P-12 school systems throughout the world will be enhanced. We understand the education of students to be a sacred trust from the Lord, and thus believe the preparation of those who teach to be all the more significant as a service to Him. Thank you again for joining us in this precious endeavor!

Dr. Pamela Johnson