A group of international students studying in the grass by Cedar Lake

FAQs for Parents and Students

How is College Now in the Classroom different than Cedarville’s traditional College Now courses?

Where students take College Now courses independently, College Now in the Classroom allows your student to take college-level courses in a classroom setting, guided by an in-class facilitator.

What benefits will my student experience from College Now in the Classroom?

Your student will take part in Cedarville’s high-quality, biblically integrated coursework, delivered in a hybrid of online and face-to-face interaction. They will experience college-level coursework while in the “safety” of their high school setting. They will also receive college credit while still in high school, at a significantly reduced cost (and for Ohio students, at no cost!).

What are the expectations for my student?

Your student should be ready for college-level work. He or she will be expected to participate in class and complete all coursework, just as with any college course. They should speak with the facilitator or contact their Cedarville University program advisor if they are having problems with their coursework.

How does my student apply?

Refer to the College Now website for admission requirements. Then, apply online.

When does the College Now discount end?

Discounted pricing for dual credit students may extend through the spring semester of a student’s senior year OR until high school graduation for students who graduate early. Fifth year seniors are not eligible for discounted tuition.