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FAQs for Schools and Administrators

Who should consider College Now in the Classroom?

The program is available to Christian schools and homeschool associations.

How is this different than Cedarville's traditional College Now courses?

Where students take College Now courses independently, College Now in the Classroom allows your students to take college-level courses in a classroom setting, guided by an in-class facilitator.

What benefits will you see from College Now in the Classroom?

  • Your students will take part in Cedarville’s high-quality, biblically integrated coursework, delivered in a hybrid of online and face-to-face interaction. They will experience college-level coursework while in the “safety” of their high school setting. They will also receive college credit while still in high school, at a significantly reduced cost (and for Ohio students, at no cost!).
  • As a school, you will be able to expand your course offerings by providing classes for which you may not currently have a qualified teacher for. You will have assurance that your students are taking courses with a biblical worldview that matches your own.

How is this different from courses that other colleges or universities may offer at high schools?

  • Every course offered at Cedarville is integrated with a biblical worldview. You can be assured that your students are being taught from a distinctly Christian perspective.
  • Students will be able to interact online with students from other schools offering the same course, sharing work and ideas, broadening the scope of their thinking.

What are the requirements for the facilitators?

Cedarville places no specific requirements on the facilitators. We recommend the facilitator have some familiarity with the subject matter, but it is not required. All necessary reference and course materials will be provide in such a way that anyone will be able to facilitate the course.

What is the role of the facilitator? Will he or she be expected to teach?

The facilitator is not the teacher; a Cedarville University faculty member will be the professor for the course. Using the supplied facilitator’s guide and online resources, the facilitator will oversee the class, leading learning activities and providing accountability for the students as they complete their coursework. The facilitator will also act as the liaison between the class and the professor. The facilitator’s involvement can vary depending on his or her level of experience or expertise with the subject matter.

What support is offered to each student?

Each student will have a Cedarville University program advisor who will meet with them prior to class via video chat and monitor their progress throughout the course. Students also will have access to resources from The Cove, our academic enrichment center, including tutoring.

How can my school sign up to be a part of College in the Classroom?

Contact Stephen Buettell, College Now Advisor:
(937) 766-3252