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Commuter Information

Important Information about being a College Now Commuter

Post Office Box Assignment

Professors often return graded assignments and tests via student post office boxes on campus. The Post Office is located on the bottom floor of the Stevens Student Center, next to the bookstore. You can find out your post office box assignment and the lock combination by logging in to CedarInfo. Under the heading Student Life, you will find a link Post Office Box Assignment.

Campus Map

Find out where your classes are located:


High school students are not required to attend chapel, even those attending full time. However, high school students are encouraged to attend chapel whenever their schedule allows. Chapel is held daily in the Jeremiah Chapel in the Dixon Ministry Center.

View the chapel schedule.

Intramural Sports

College Now/CCP students are not eligible to participate in intramural sports

Student Organizations on Campus

High school students are not permitted to participate in undergraduate student organizations.

Commuter Lounge

There is a commuter lounge in the Apple Technology Resource Center. The Apple Technology Resource Center is located right next to and south of the Center for Biblical and Theological Studies. The lounge is located in the open area on the very south end of the building and has a microwave, vending machines, and seating for commuter students. There is no refrigerator.

College Now Kick-Off

A College Now Kick-Off to be held on Cedarville's campus is planned for August 2020, prior to the start of the fall semester.

Parking on Campus

College Now Commuter parking passes can be purchased at the Campus Security office for $10 each semester. This office is located on the top floor of the Stevens Student Center. Campus Security will provide information about commuter parking lots. Questions about parking should be directed to Campus Security.

Commuters will have the opportunity to purchase parking passes at College Now Kick Off in August.

Meals and Snacks on Campus

  • The dining hall is located on the top floor of the Stevens Student Center. You can pay for one meal at a time as you enter the dining hall, or for students who will be on campus for several classes, there is a commuter meal plan option available for purchase.
  • Stinger's is a short-order restaurant located on the bottom floor of the Stevens Student Center.
  • Rinnova is a coffee shop located right outside Stinger's on the bottom floor of the Stevens Student Center.

Students may purchase Chuck's Bucks to use in the dining hall, Stinger's, or Rinnova. Chuck's Bucks provide a small discount when purchasing food and drink, and are placed on the student's account to be used by swiping the student ID card. Learn more about Chuck's Bucks here (scroll to the bottom of the page).


Printing on Campus

College Now students are able to print in the computer labs on campus. To learn more about CedarPrint, see the CedarPrint IT page. To learn more about the computer lab locations and their hours of operation, visit the Computer Labs information page in the IT Help Pages.

Accessing the Network While on Campus

You will need to have your laptop and other personal devices set up to access the CU network while on campus. Students who attend the College Now Kick Off can have these devices set up during the IT session that day. If you need a device set up outside of that day then you can bring that device to the TechStop Center located in Tyler.

Technology Questions

The IT Help Pages provide answers to hundreds of technology questions. Some professors may ask students to use the S Drive or the J Drive. Information for both is readily available through the IT Help Pages and the search box makes it easy to navigate!

Campus Emergency Notifications

Please sign up to receive campus emergency notifications by text and/or email. Emergency notifications will include weather delays and cancellations.

To sign up, log in to CedarInfo. Under the heading Security & Privacy, choose the link “Signup for Emergency Notification.”

Please direct questions regarding the Emergency Notification System to Campus Security.